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    imants® - QuickDrain

    The optional imants® QuickDrain (only to be used in combination with the Rootpruner) is an additional application for quick and easy sand slit drainage. slots 12 mm wide to a depth of 195 mm. 

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    TT-3000 Series TopDressers

    Fastest Topdresser Available:

    The large capacity ADVANTAGE 3000 series allows less trips to the top dressing materials pile spreading compost on a football field, top dressing fairways, topdressing sports complexes or adding soil amendments for sod farms or race tracks, these quality top dressers discharge materials fast.



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    TT-2400 Series Topdresser


    Before you buy a top dresser look at TurfTime Equipment high-quality versatile line of spreaders. Ask about power options and choice of controls. Save time and money with the fastest top dresser in the business.

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    TT-2075 ADVANTAGE Topdresser

    A Compact Topdresser with Remote Controls


    TT-2075 ADVANTAGE Topdresser .5m3 hopper with 15-degree tilt spinners shown with optional 13 hp Honda engine with remote control.

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    Vredo® Turf-Fix Series

    After having great successes in the agricultural, sports and also golf business, Vredo manufactured and extremely compact machine for the professional turf manager: Vredo Turf-Fix. This machine is able to perform three different essential operations on fine turf: aeration, overseeding and sanding.

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    REIST - 24'' AeraSeeder

    The Reist 24SP AeraSeeder provides simple, yet accurate initial and overseeding in those “hard to get at” places.

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    REIST - RotoRake 3PL Tractor mount

    The REIST - RotoRake POWER RAKE features a floating rotor design with road-grade mini carbide teeth, ditch cutters and side shields. The RotoRake can be used on a three point hitch or skid steer hitch systems.

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    REIST - RotorRake Skidsteer Power Rake

    The RotoRake’s (Hyd) bi-directional rotor allows for operation in both directions. Features a 25 degree angle and 28 degree tilt

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    REIST - RotoGroomer -

    The P.T.O.-driven RotoGroomer renovates and conditions conventional and synthetic footings with high wax and fiber materials in horse-riding arenas. It is the only solution on those footings when a conventional drag will bunch or plug up.

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    IMANTS® - RotoSpader

    The imants® RotoSpader is designed for high “ground” speed low soil impact incorporation of soil amendments into varied growing mediums.

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    VREDO® - Compact Series

    Due to the unique action of the Vredo seed application, the grass seed is placed in direct contact with the soil, giving almost total seed germination.


    Prevent expensive seed waste: Vredo makes every seed count! The ownership of a VREDO overseeder is an investment that will repay itself in a very short amount of time. By bringing the seed into the ground instead of merely broadcasting it on top of it, you make the best use of your crass seed, which makes your grass lush and green in no time. Other ‘’overseeders’’ are probably cheaper to buy, but are much more expensive in everyday use and in the long run – look at the examples below. Therefore, ask for a VREDO!

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    Speedresser 18h


    The Speedresser™ 18H is a bulk drop-spreader designed to handle all top dressing materials.

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    Speedresser 24H


    The SPEEDRESSER™ 24H is a 2.4m wide drop-spreader designed to handle all top dressing material. The 4 flotation tyres minimise the risk of turf damage & compaction.

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    Imants Rootpruner

    IMANTS® - RootPruner - For sale

    The IMANTS® RootPruner prunes roots up to 100mm in diameter with no clean up.

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    Kalara after Air2G2 - 13July2015

    GT AirInject, Inc - AIR2G2®

    Aerate and play with AIR2G2® in all weather, any time of year, all fine turf playing surfaces.

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