Imants® RotoSpader

Imants® RotoSpader

Designed for high “ground” speed and low soil impact incorporation of soil amendments.

Spec Sheets

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The Imants® RotoSpader designed for high “ground” speed low soil impact incorporation of soil amendments into varied growing mediums. The rotary spading machine action is designed to minimize the impact to the soil structure, while evenly incorporating over the entire working depth and width. The one pass operation.

  • Available in various sizes and configurations to suit your application. 
  • Machine operation depths adjustable to 350mm subject to sit conditions


  • Primary and secondary tillage in one-pass
  • Increased/Higher yield per hectare
  • Less fuel
  • Better water management
  • No compaction
  • Better mixing (incorporation)
  • Large capacity
  • Excellent soil structure
  • Ideal in combination with seeder or ripper
  • No plough pan
  • Ideally aerates soil and holds moisture
  • Reduces number of passes.