Selvatici Spading Machines

Selvatici Spading Machines

For sandy loam soils. Many different models to suit most applications.

Spec Sheets

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The Selvatici Spading Machine is designed for all soils. Facilitation of soil drainage where there is hard paining of soil under the tilled ground, which is an issue of other rotating or towed implements.

Features / how it works:

  • Tillage is carried out evenly across the entire width of the machine, evenly turning the soil to bury the fertilizer, manure or stubble.
  • The tilled soil has a flat surface regular size clods, for immediate sowing in most situations.

  • The spades enter the ground one at a time and this allows a minimum use of tractor power and the blade/tine life is longer because they only work while descending.
  • The spading machine is not towed by the tractor, on the contrary it helps the tractor to move forward so that it is the only implement that may work in some wet ground ground because the tractor is not in danger of getting bogged down (as the demand for traction to the wheels of the tractor is minimal) and, on sloping ground, it also keeps the tractor in a stable position.
  • It also reduces fuel consumption compared to traditional processes such as ploughing, ripping or milling.
  • It does not form the compact and impermeable layer of soil beneath the processed layer, which prevents both correct root development and the regular flow of water and it’s typical of the rotative machines such as ploughs and tillers. It does not trigger, especially in the hills, dangerous phenomena of slippage of the tilled soil.
  • It always guarantees the turning of the clods and therefore allows both faster aeration of the soil and the elimination, right from the roots, of harmful weeds.

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