Shelton Supertrencher+ 760

SHELTON – Supertrencher+ 760
SHELTON – Supertrencher+ 760
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Shelton Supertrencher+ 760

The largest of our trenchers in the series and can dig trenches up to 760mm deep and 155mm wide.

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The Supertrencher+760 is the largest of our trenchers in the series and can dig trenches up to 760mm deep and 155mm wide. Like the 625, it features a 2 speed gearbox to drive the digging wheel and a secondary internal conveyor. 

As this machine is capable of digging wider and deeper trenches, the secondary internal conveyor helps the transport of an increased amount of spoil from the trench to the main conveyor, increasing output.  The main external conveyor folds sideways for transport. The tractor requirement for the Supertrencher+760 is from 100hp+ with creep speed gear box.


  • Mounting: 3 point linkage
  • Weight: 2.1 tonnes
  • Depth Control: Hydraulically operated twin rams with laser grading capability
  • Digging Wheel: 15mm (5/8’’) thick with turbo bars. Recesses within the wheel enable cutters to be held on with one nut & bolt. Laser profiled from speciality steel
  • Drive train: PTO driven through dual speed transfer gearbox and then a heavy duty right angle gearbox. A duplex drive chain and cushion drive.,PTO slip clutch and shear pin add further protection
  • Cutters: Hard wearing tungsten carbide tipped cutters. Tungsten carbide tipped ‘bullets’ for extra hard digging conditions
  • Construction: The extensive use of laser profiled stainless steel for its non-rusting properties, greater strength and enhanced soil flow
  • Conveyors: Short conveyor within the machine at the front, moving soil on to the main 3 metre long conveyor with heavy duty rubber endless cleated belt. Hydraulically driven via torque arm arrangement. Hydraulic ram to raise and lower main conveyor, for trailers and dumpers
  • Tractor: 100 to 125hp with creep or variable speed transmission. Forward speeds from 300 metres per hour (0.3km/h) @ 540 rpm pto speed
  • Hydraulic Serv.: 3 double acting spool valves and one free flow return
  • Trench Specification: Trench depth: 225mm (8.8”) to 760mm (30”), Trench width: 50 (2”) to 155mm (6.1”)

Optional extras

  • It is possible to make bespoke alterations to the design to fit your needs.

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