Shelton System 25®

SHELTON – System 25®
SHELTON – System 25®
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Shelton System 25®

A versatile mini trencher used primarily for installing secondary drainage systems 25mm(1”) or 50mm(2”).

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The Shelton System 25™ is a versatile mini trencher. Used primarily for installing secondary drainage systems 25mm(1”) or 50mm(2”) wide over a network of piped drains in a one pass operation, theSystem25™ may also be used to install 60mm and 80mm land drainage pipes and underground services.

The System 25™ is capable of cutting trenches 25mm (1”) to 97mm(3.8”) wide to a maximum depth of 450mm(18”).  It has a coupled back filling attachment which allows for a one pass trenching operation.

The System 25™’s hydraulically driven chevron conveyor carries the spoil into a trailer or dumper running alongside leaving a clean surface finish. The backfilling attachment is hydraulically vibrated to ensure the smooth flow and even distribution of aggregate back into the trench.

Constructed mainly in stainless steel, the System 25™ is very strong and is unlikely to rust.  The use of stainless steel also enhances the soil flow through the machine.  The digging wheel cutters are tipped in hard wearing tungsten carbide to maximise their lifespan.

Optional extras include hydraulic depth control, pipe reels, pipe layers, and twin rear wheels.


  • Mounting: 3 point linkage mounted
  • Weight: 960kgs
  • Digging Wheel: PTO driven via a gearbox and cushion drive
  • Construction: The extensive use of stainless steel for its non rusting properties, greater strength and enhanced soil flow
  • Cutters: Hard wearing tungsten carbide tipped cutters, 12 pairs per set
  • Conveyor: Hydraulically driven conveyor 2.7 metres (106”) long. Endless chevron belt. Folds for transport
  • Tractor: 55hp+ with creep gearbox or variable speed transmission. Forward speeds from 300 metres per hour (0.3km/h) @ 540 rpm  pto speed
  • Hydraulic Serv.: 3 double acting spool valves and one free flow return
  • Backfilling: Hydraulically vibrated hopper with trench dresser. Adjustable stop to set depth of aggregate from surface. Hydraulic mechanism lifts hopper for easy set in
  • Trench sizes: Trench Depth 200mm (8”) to 450mm (18”), Trench Width 25mm (1”) to 97mm (3.75”)

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