Koro® Imants® TopDrain®1000

Koro® Imants® TopDrain®1000

The KORO® TOPDRAIN® 1000 sand slitting machine cuts two slits in the ground 1m apart, removes the spoil via the conveyor system, back fills the two 40mm slits with sand and compacts the sand drainage slits with the two rear transport tyres, at up to 4kph subject to site and other conditions.

Spec Sheets


The KORO® TopDrain® 1000 is a sand slit drainage machine.  The unique combination of dual rotors, integrated spoil removal system with the 2m3 back-filling hopper delivering the one pass operation with an operational speed of up to 4kph, the TopDrain® delivers un-matched performance for the end user with material and labour savings, faster processing times and less surface contamination than conventional methods.

The sand grid created by the TopDrain® complements existing drainage systems.

  • Working width: 1.00m 
  • Transport width : 2.24m
  • Number of cutting blades: 2 (2×8 blades)
  • Spacing of blades: 1000mm 
  • Thickness of blades: 40mm
  • Weight (approx): 2500kg (unladen)
  • Power requirement: 80HP + Creep gear (subject to site conditions)
  • Tractor requirements: 540 pto. 3 x double acting hydraulic remote ie triple remotes.
  • Operating speed: 0 – 4kph