VGR TopChanger



The VGR TopChanger combines the actions of aeration and sand filling in one efficient action. It weighs only 410kgs, has a working width of 1.60m and produces a closely spaced row of holes using water pressure which are immediately filled with sand and, or both liquid and liquid soil amendments. This allows a path for air and water to penetrate the top layer of soil and be absorbed directly into the rootzone to encourage rapid growth and healthy development of the grass, and over a period of time completely change the top surface without any interference in play.

  • Working width: 1.60m
  • Transport width: 1.81m
  • Weight (approx): 410kgs
  • Volume filler: 66 gallons
  • Injection pressure (up to): 4,061 psi
  • Fill pressure: 29 – 166 psi
  • Water usage: 951 gallons/hour
  • Power requirement: 45 – 50HP