Vredo Sport Series double disc over seeder – For Sale

Vredo® Sport Series
Vredo® Sport Series
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Vredo Sport Series double disc over seeder – For Sale

The sports field specialist, this machine can sow a lot of seed in the sports field in a short time for optimal and even results.

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Elevate Your Turf with the Vredo Sport Series: The Pinnacle of Overseeding Technology

Achieving perfect turf in a short period is crucial for sports fields and golf fairways, where the appearance and quality of the grass are paramount. The Vredo Sport series stands out in this domain, offering precision, efficiency, and unmatched turf renovation capabilities. Ideal for professional clubs and associations striving for robust, verdant turf, the Vredo Sport series is your go-to solution for fast and effective overseeding.

Key Features of the Vredo Sport Series:

  • Optimal Overseeding with 3.5 cm Inter-Row Distance: Designed to facilitate quick overseeding across any field, ensuring dense, evenly spread grass.
  • Targeted Renovation: Perfect for rejuvenating strong goalmouths and center spots, the Vredo Sport series revitalizes your turf where it’s needed most.
  • Model DZ 222.03.5: Offers a generous working width of 2.5 meters, optimizing your overseeding process with efficiency and precision.

Performance and Accessibility:

  • Efficient Coverage: With a working width of 2.2 meters and an operational speed of 18 km/h, this machine delivers high output, covering more ground in less time.
  • Compact and Transportable: Designed for easy transport on a trailer and access through narrow entrances without compromising the integrity of the existing turf.
  • Precision Seeding: Ensures seeds are deposited at the correct depth and quantity, catering to different types of grass like Bent Grass (Agrostis Tenuis) at 2-3 mm and Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium Perenne) at 7-10 mm for optimal growth.

Innovative Design Elements:

  • Streamlined Seed Hopper: The hopper’s rounded shape not only gives the machine a modern aesthetic but also facilitates smooth seed flow into the cam wheel, preventing clogs and ensuring consistent seeding.
  • Gas Spring-Equipped Valve: This feature allows for a controlled, seamless closing of the seed hopper, enhancing the machine’s functionality and user experience.
  • Simplified Seed Setting Adjustments: With a spindle-equipped seed setting mechanism, operators can easily fine-tune seeding parameters, ensuring precise seed distribution every time.

The Vredo Sport series epitomizes the fusion of innovative technology and practical design, setting a new standard in turf management. Whether you’re overseeing sports fields, golf fairways, or any professional turf, the Vredo Sport series delivers superior results, fast overseeding, and durable, beautiful turf that stands the test of time. Transform your turf with the Vredo Sport series and witness the difference in quality and performance.

TypeAttachmentWorking width (m)Transport width (m)Weight (kg)Weight incl. frame / boxTractor power (HP)

* Vredo Dodewaard BV reserves the right to change technical data and constructions mentioned in these specifications without prior notification

Row distance for both types is 3.5 cm; total seed hopper volume is 440 ltr 2.2M, 500 ltr 2.5M


Optional Trailing Kit


Advanced Features of the Vredo Sport Series:

  • Precision Seed Distribution: The machine boasts a mechanical seed distribution system, offering precise control over seed rates ranging from 3 to 210 kg per hectare. This ensures uniform seed distribution across the seed elements and accurate placement between the discs, guaranteeing optimal soil contact and seed coverage. The seed hoppers have a substantial capacity of 440 liters, accommodating extensive overseeding projects with ease.

  • Innovative Vredo Overseeding Principle: True to its core, the Vredo Sport series adheres to the principle that for overseeding to be successful, seeds must be directly sown into the soil. Equipped with the patented Vredo Double Disc System, the series excels in directing seeds into meticulously crafted narrow slots. Each unit is fitted with a compaction roller to seal the slit, ensuring robust seed-to-soil contact which is critical for rapid germination and deep root development. The unique configuration of the double discs, set 3.5 cm apart and sprung independently, fosters a dense, weed-free sward, proven to achieve a staggering 96% germination rate through precise seeding depth adjustments from 0 to 25 mm.

  • Vredo Double Discs Technology: At the heart of the system lies the double V-shaped discs, ingeniously designed to make precise cuts in the soil for seed placement. The subsequent closing of the slit by the compaction roller creates an ideal germination environment, fostering seed-soil contact while shielding the seeds from adverse weather conditions and predators. The harmonious combination of Double Discs, spring, and turf guard meticulously regulates seeding depth, optimizing seed utilization and fostering an unparalleled growth environment.

The Vredo Sport series epitomizes the pinnacle of overseeding technology, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and results. With its advanced features, this series not only promises but delivers a lush, vibrant, and healthy turf, redefining expectations and setting new standards in turf management. Whether your goal is to revitalize a golf fairway or ensure your sports field stands out, the Vredo Sport series is your key to achieving perfection.




  • Continuous seed distribution: The machine is equipped with a mechanical seed distribution. The mechanical seed distribution is continuously adjustable from 3 to 210 kg per hectare. The seed gets equally spread over the seed-elements and placed in between the discs. Due to this, all the seed gets into the ground. The capacity of the seed hoppers is 440 liter in total.
  • Vredo overseeding principle: Overseeding is only useful if the seed is sown directly into the soil. The Sport series is therefore also equipped with the Vredo-Double-Disc-System. Only that system guides all the seed into the narrow slot. Every machine is equipped with a compaction roller, that closes the slit and endures good contact between seed and soil. Water and nutrients have thereby easy access to the seed, this guarantees a quick germination and deep rooting of the injected seed. The discs, in a double row, have a row distance of 3.5 cm and are sprung separately, which results in a complete, close and healthy sward without weed. Research has confirmed that the Vredo Overseeding System generates a germination rate of 96%. Because the seeding depth is precisely adjustable from 0 to 25 mm, this high result can be achieved.
  • Vredo double discs: Double V-shaped discs which make a small cut in the soil. Seed is placed in between the discs. The slit is closed by the compaction roller. Optimal situation for germination: The seed is in contact with the soil and gets the optimum amount of light and air. The seed is protected against weather influences such as frost and birds. The combination of Double Discs and the spring and turf guard ensures an optimal seeding depth which means the most efficient usage of expensive seed.



  • Second hectare counter 18T: Second hectare counter 18T, among other things ideal for renting out the machine.
  • Weight carrier DZ 222.035: Attention – weight carrier is not applicable in combination with platform.
  • Weight block: 20 kg cast iron, perfect and safe fitting on Vredo weight carrier.
  • Platform DZ 222.035: Easy and safe filling of the machine.  Attention: Platform is not applicable in combination with weight carrier.
  • Dual Depth/Dosage System (DDS): Second gearbox to be able to adjust the dosing each seed hopper separately. Herewith 2 different seed types can be  seeded in the right quantity in one pass. Variable dosing system with spindle for precise seed dosing.
  • Aftersales assembly on machines from Sports Series from 2010- a.f. with serial no 3082.
  • Trailer ball K80 with lock system: K80 ball and lock system to be bolted or welded on tractor.
  • Ball Coupling K80: Ball Coupling K80 bolted on machine. Ideal solution for save road transport.
  • Mudguard DZ 2 Sport: Mudguard kit with Vredo logo.
  • Tow bar on wheelkit: Tow bar with 19 mm pin, ball coupling K50 and electric light kit connection

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