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Hatsuta Core collector & Sweeper

The HS806U is specifically designed to minimize the labor-intensive handwork typically associated with renovation projects, including tasks like top dressing. By utilizing its integrated floating head, the machine can adapt to different terrain conditions, ensuring efficient core collection and sweeping. The high tip dumping feature of the HS806U adds convenience by allowing easy disposal of the collected debris. This feature eliminates the need for manual handling of the waste, saving time and effort. Overall, the Hatsuta HS806U is a valuable tool for renovation projects as it reduces the labor-intensive tasks involved and enhances efficiency. Its capabilities as a ride-on core collector and sweeper, combined with the integrated floating head and high tip dumping, make it an ideal choice for achieving faster, easier, and cleaner results in various applications. [yotuwp type="videos" id="KcOlqC-aSYI" ]  


Rhenac Sports CLS LED grass growing equipment can deliver light from the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) with pinpoint accuracy for turf growth germination and recover of both warm season varieties, Cynodon Dactylon known as bermuda grass, and cool season grass Lolium perenne, common name perennial ryegrass. Together with the TU Munich, we have identified the […]

AFT100 Agricultural Drainage Trenching Machine

Main Features of the AFT100 Neat and economical high speed trenching, up to ten times faster than backhoe or excavator. Easily changeable digging widths from 125 to 300mm, choice of digging booms for depth of up to 1.6m. A new version with maximum digging width of 400mm is available. Can be fitted with augers or […]

AFT Wizz Wheel 75

The most powerful wheel trencher. Powerful and rugged wheel trencher for tractors from 140hp , designed for installation of intensive sports turf drainage systems and fibre optic cables all over the world.


The AIR2G2® value Pack provides the end user with the value of combining the of the full AIR2G2® range, including the custom trailer, hand probe on an easy to use trailer unit.


The AIR2G2-HP® is a manual, portable air-injection tool perfect for small, hard-to-reach areas, sand bunkers and flowerbeds. 

Vredo Agri Air Series

Perfect for pastures with slopes or undulating terrain, with a pneumatic hopper which channels the seed directly to the cam wheel.

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